A Penguin and a Redwing

Water colour painting of a rock hopper penguing leaping.
A birthday rockhopper for Kasper

These are an unlikely pair of birds and never seen together. The Rockhopper penguin is one of three sub-species of penguins with cheeky crests over their eyes. They can be found on Southern hemisphere coasts, including Argentina and Chile, South Africa and islands off Australia and New Zealand. They are small penguins and when not breeding they spend most of their time at sea, eating krill and squid.  This painting was a birthday present for my son in law. I really enjoyed doing this and have to credit the BBC for the fabulous photo that was the reference for it. 

Water colour painting of a redwing on a hawthorn bush eating a berry.
A redwing, newly arrived on the Yorkshire coast.

We spent a few day’s over on the Yorkshire coast last month for the migration festival organised by the Flamborough Bird Observatory.  I mentioned this in an earlier post on bird ringing.  While we were there some of the migrants started to arrive from Europe.  One of the loveliest is the Redwing – a small thrush with an orangey red flank.  We see them here in the city park and woodland and are always a treat.

Here’s one having a meal of some hawthorn berries. Reference photo from Simon Stobart


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