Water colour painting of an adult swallow feeding a juvenile.
Feeding time

I’ve been painting quite a bit over the last few weeks.  I finished these recently.  The reference photo was taken by a photographer working on the East Yorkshire Coast and I have altered the image slightly. I added an additional ‘tail streamer’ for the left side of the tail and I put the lower juvenile swallow on a wire rather than a barbed wire fence. These are the things you can do with art instead of photography.

I did contemplate reversing the anttitude of the lower swallow so it faced to the right. I’m not sure how would work but I could try it out by just manipulating the digital image. I may just have another go at a later date to try this.

Again I did two test pieces for each bird which I think helped though I do think I get a bit more movement in the first drafts that I do. I am still very much on a steep learning curve and it is very satisfying.

More knitting news next week; I have a pattern almost ready for testing.


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