Fine Wool and an Olympic Knitter

Close up of simple lace knitting using very fine merino and silk yarn.
Simple Lace Shawl

Well here I am knitting again. I bought a skein of some of Eden Cottage Yarns’ lovely Titus merino and silk mix. It’s lace weight – gulp. That means its really and I mean really fine and by fine I mean thin. There are 800 metres of yarn in the skein, which is twice as long as you would get in fingering/4ply and 4 times as long as one that was of double knit. I’ve been going about 4 weeks so far and have used just under half of it. 

You can tell I’ve been away from the blog for a while as I’ve just realised that I posted about this nearly a month ago. I am still taking it easy having had a brush with a bit of RSI in the Spring and am quite pleased with the outcome so far – but my goodness it’s fine but has a lovely lustre from the silk.

PHoto of a knitted cardigan with the Team GB logo and the olympic rings. Created by Tom Daley.

I really enjoyed watching the Olympics despite lots of concerns before they started. It was lovely to see Tom Daley knitting while he waiting to dive in his competitions. At the grand old age of 27 this was his 4th Olympics having first competed in Bejing in 2008.  His coach suggested that he found something to occupy his hands while waiting to compete and he found knitting and crochet to be ideal. His Olympic cardigan is seriously impressive and his intarsia skills are much better than mine. He has an Instagram account just to show off his work. Tom is proud of his achievements as an openly gay competitor and he and Justin, his husband have a 3 year old son, Robbie. I wasn’t sure whether to include this information in this blog post as it seemed irrelevant to the information I was sharing, but perhaps we’re not quite there yet – or perhaps we are? I hope so.

Tom Daley in tears when receiving his gold medal at Tokyo 2021.
How adorable is this – his medal ceremony. Gold at last.

Oh and he and his partner Matty who comes from Leeds won Gold in the sychronised 10m dive.


  1. I cried watching Tom Daley win gold, and that was before I even knew about the knitting. I definitely think it is relevant that he is gay, it is still a problem for some unfortunately so seeing people just live lives and be successful and happy is so important.


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