watercolour image of a strawberry
watercolour image of a strawberry
Strawberry – Driscolls Zara a variant with very lush leaves.

I’ve still been painting over the last few weeks but am getting slightly more ambitious.  I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing, but it keeps me busy.  I saw some lovely strawberries (Driscolls Zara) with the most exuberant foliage attached to them, so bought them to paint. I’ve done a couple and may just do a few more. I’m also moving on to slightly larger projects one of which may or may not be a larger strawberry piece. So far I’ve managed a small and medium sized version of the two gannets photo that I took at Bempton back in June and am currently working on a reed bunting in some lovely beech branches. The leaves and branches are going ok but I’m terrified of doing the bird, as it’s going to be really quite small. I will be doing quite a few practices I think before I attempt to put it in the tree. I will share it if it isn’t too disastrous.

I’ve also started knitting again.  I am taking it easy as I really don’t want to aggravate whatever was wrong with my right arm again. So far so good, and I’ve got some lovely lace weight merino arriving today.  It’s going to be quite a challenge as lace weight is very fine – 800 metres in one 100g skein. That’s a lot of knitting but I’ve got a really simple but I think effective little pattern for an asymmetric shawl in the planning.

Work, which isn’t really work, but it’s what I do to earn a crust is very busy and I’ve got a few projects on the list for and a large number of bid assessments for August so I’ll probably be relatively quiet for much of the summer and only post once a week – unless the urge grips me to write more.

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  1. Lovely strawberries! I feel that I could just stretch out to eat them! Good luck with your reed bunting and knitting (too hot here to handle wool yet!). Looking forward to seeing both finished projects!


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