We are away at the coast again. This time we are staying on the east coast but further north close to Flamborough Head. Flamborough is a limestone headland with chalk cliffs on the northern flank. These chalk cliffs at Bempton provide the perfect breeding habitat for a wide range of seabirds. The puffins are the most iconic but there are guillemots, razorbills and fulmers as well as some amazing gannets.

I love the gannets. They are such superb fliers with the sleakest heads and piercing blue eyes. If I was a bird, I would like to be a gannet. I managed some inflight photos today but you’ll have to wait to see them.

In the meantime here is a quick video from this afternoon.

Glorious Gannets


  1. That’s a great video — thank you for sharing! I didn’t realise you had such a variety of birds there, including puffins! Happy bird watching (and swimming, if you’re brave enough!!)


    • There will be much more bird spam in the near future as I have a lot of photos. I’ll post some puffin and others later this afteroon. We did paddle in the sea along the beach at Bridlington – that was bad enough. The water was so cold it made my feet ache.


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