Quiz Hiatus

Swallow sitting on a fence post enjoying the sunshine

It’s Friday again and I’ve decided to have a summer hiatus on the quiz. I really enjoy researching and writing the quiz and searching for royalty free images for it, but I think I need a break from the rigour of posting every Friday. I like posting on here and enjoy writing small posts that happen to take my fancy now and again. We are slowly emerging from the pandemic lock down, we are starting to venture further afield. I do take the laptop and various other bits of technology and will continue to post – probably mostly about reading and painting as that is taking up much of my time at the moment.

I’ll see how I feel, but will probably start the quiz again in September. In the meantime, here is a swallow – one doesn’t make a summer but they sure do make you feel better.


  1. It’s always good to have a break. Thanks for the quizzes. I love the swallow, we get loads of them here. They actually sleep on the wing! Enjoy your venturing further afield and reading and painting!

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