I’ll start today with a positive identification of the fungus on Tuesday’s post. It is the marvellously named Chicken of the Woods.  I love it – the name that is. It is apparently edible but it would be unfair to remove it and I have a healthy respect for fungi and their inherent toxicity, so we’ll stick to farmed mushrooms for the time being. 

water colour image of greylag goose.
Greylag Goose

This is a Greylag Goose (Anser Anser), that I photographed at St Aidans a few weeks ago. I’m really not happy with the wing/back feathers as they look like tiles to me, but I decided that faffing about and trying to change them would do more harm than good. It was challenging to paint this as the white is the paper and so you really have to be very careful not to slap or even gently brush over the bits that you want to keep white. Of course if I used acrylics or oils this wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m sticking with water colours for now. They are lovely birds and I have a goal to get a decent shot of one of them flying. They do help you a bit with this as they honk very loudly as they set off and circle round the reed beds. It’s still not enough notice for me to get the shot I want but I’ll keep trying.


  1. Thanks for shedding some light as to what the fungus is — so it’s edible after all…

    I do like you Greylag, you’ve got real talent! I’m not brave enough for watercolours: one slip and it’s gone!


    • The fungus does look unreal doesn’t it and most certainly toxic! 😀.

      Thank you for the kind words. I am quite enjoying the water colours. They are certainly a challenge and a different way of working. I’ll persevere though.


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