David Hockney Spring

ipad painting of tree in blossom in Normandy, France.
Hockney does do blossom very well.

David Hockney has created another bunch of Spring paintings again using the brush app on the iPad. His first selection were done when he was living in East Yorkshire looking after his ailing mother. They are fabulous and we saw some of them at Salts Mill and at Tate Britain in London.  He has moved from East Yorkshire via California, to Normandy in Northern France.The new exhibition ‘The Arrival of Spring, Normandy 2020′ at the Royal Academy is fully booked as numbers of visitors are limited due to the need for social distancing. You can see a lot of them on the  BBC site

We love them and would have loved to see the exhibition ourselves. One aspect of using the brushes app is that it memorises the strokes and you can play back the video of how you created an image. There were some great examples in the Tate Britain exhibition in 2017. As a tribute and to demonstrate how this works I did one too.  This is a Weigela that is flowering profusely at the moment in our garden. You’ll be able to see that I’m not ‘quite’ at his level of competancy, though I did use my index finger and not a stylus and it took me all of 10 minutes. They do make an amusing video though.

Not very proficient but it is good fun.

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