Not Binge Watching

Ted Hastings from Line of Duty.
Ted Hastings as some great oneliners.

I tend not to write too much about TV and this is the second post in a week, normal service will return next week, whatever normal service is. Today of course there is the Friends Reunion to watch tonight – all 1 and 3/4 hours of it. I’m sure it will be entertaining. I thought I’d include a couple of other shows that we have really enjoyed lately. We were very late to the whole Line of Duty party and after seeing various members of the cast on talk shows and it was mentioned everywhere including the House of Commons we gave in. Fortunately, all six series are available on the BBC iPlayer so we started back in 2012 with the fabulous Gina McKee as Jackie Laverty hitting a dog with her car.  The AC12 team are so well played and make a great team. You really would want one of them on your side in a crisis. Starting from then of course we had 36 hours to catch up with the final of series 7 that finally disclosed who ‘H’ was.

We are not big TV watchers and certainly could never be put into the ‘binge watch’ category – except for this. As the series progressed we went from watching one a night to two and sometimes three episodes. As it was we were just a couple of days behind the final and managed to stay away from social media enough for it to be a surprise for us. I thought it was great and really enjoyed it. We loved Adrian Dunbar as Supt Ted Hastings and his little asides: “I didn’t float up the Lagan in a bubble.” was one memorable one and another from Jimmy Lakewell when he asked Hastings to ‘Dial down the Ian Paisley”.  I almost fell off the sofa laughing at that one. 

Canille Cottin as Andrea Matel in Call my Agent.
Canille Cottin as Andrea Martel

Finally we have found another great watch thanks to the lovely Fi and Jane at the Fortunately podcast. For any peri-menopausal women I can strongly recommend these two. They have been watching a French Netflix show called Call my Agent or Dix Pour Cent, to give it its French title. It’s in French and has English subtitles, if you need them – and we do.  It’s brilliant. it’s very French, funny, clever and stylish with some great actors, beautiful scenes and plotlines. It follows the lives of an acting agency after the sudden death of it’s founder and major share holder. Apparently there is talk of an English version, but somehow I don’t think it will be quite as good.  We are now on series 2 and watching it at a staid 2 or 3 episodes a week.  Our binge watching days are over – it was too exhausting. 


  1. I’m afraid that living out here, all those are new to me. However, I have been guilty of some Netflix binge- watching lately, which includes a couple of series: Cable Girls (set in the 1930’s, following the progression of women’s rights), and more recently, The Cook of Castamar, a drama series set in 1720. I think both have English subtitles. Alternatively, if you wanted to polish up on your Spanish…

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