Mother’s Day Sea Holly

Water colour painting of Sea Holly
Eryngium or Sea Holly

This time it is a Sea Holly, or Eryngium to use it’s Latin name. I love the spiky blue flowers and blue tinged leaves. I am very fortunate to benefit from two Mothers’ Days. The first in the year is the UK one which is traditionally on the 4th Sunday in Lent and the second one, the second Sunday in May, which is the European one. My eldest daughter now lives in The Netherlands so I am lucky enough to get more flowers from her and our little grandson. Sea Hollies are some of my favourite flowers and I was delighted to have a stem in Kate’s flowers. It had to be the one to be painted.

Initial drawing of sea holly.
The second drawing of Sea Holly after the initial draft.

I really was quite nervous starting this and did a practice draft drawing first. I think this paid off as I was much more confident once I got going – the drawing bit always takes a long time for me. I am really quite pleased with the final result.  It has a sort of traditional botanical painting look to it, though it wouldn’t pass for the real thing (botanical art) as I have used quite a lot of artistic licence in the serrations on the leaves as well as the position of the right hand flower. 


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