Water colour painting of a water lily on lily pads.

This is probably the most complicated painting I have attempted so far. I did enjoy doing it despite some real difficulties. I am quite pleased with some of the shadows and the curves of the leaves but am furious with myself for not taking more time on the actual flower. I used masking fluid while I did the rest of the image and then rather rushed the flower itself. I had to go back and do some remedial messing about and I don’t think it was particularly successful. 

I suppose I should just be happy with the bits that I like and I think I may use sections of this for profile photos.  I’ve taken to changing my profile image on a regular basis on a number of platforms – it’s a bit like trying on new clothes.  ‘Is this me?’  


  1. I think you should be most proud. This is lovely. At the end of the month, we are going away for a few days to a lake that has so many waterlilies. They are so beautiful.


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