An Odd Kingfisher

We are just home from a visit to our local health centre for our second covid vaccines. It’s just under 12 weeks since the first one, so we should have a good bunch of antibodies surging through us soonish. It has been an astonishing piece of logistics for the NHS and seems to be on target so far.

Water colour painting of a kingfisher.

In other news, it was our youngest grandson’s fifth birthday a couple of weeks ago. When asked what bird he would like for his card, he said, ‘the blue and red one’. We were all a bit puzzled but being a resourceful chap, the following day, he got the bird book out and showed his Mummy and Daddy what he wanted. It was a kingfisher. I was a little daunted as my first ever oil painting (aged about 13) was a kingfisher and I’m pretty sure I was much more proficient then than I am now. This proved to be correct, but hey I’m enjoying this journey. 

You can see the result left. I really enjoyed doing it but am slightly annoyed that the head is too tall and round. It is obviously the very very rare “dome headed” kingfisher. In the meantime I’ve been attempting and failing to paint ducklings. No pictures as they really really are grim. You can’t always get what you want, as those great modern philosophers Keith Richards and Mick Jagger said!


    • Ah yes good point Regina. The British Government decided to take a pragmatic view to get as many people vaccinated with one dose as quickly as possible (it still provides some protection) and delay the second injection to give a bigger ‘blanket’ coverage. They have been successful in doing this but it’s too early to say if it has reduced the transmission or the incidence of infections. No doubt we will hear the outcomes in the coming months. They are on target to give every adult at least one dose before the end of July.

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  1. I love your kingfisher! Here we have quite a few that hide in the holes in the sandy river banks of the Guadalquivir. I had never realised how small they are. Lucky grandson!!

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    • This is a Spanish kingfisher Gilly. It’s from a photo by our guide on the Ebro Delta. We did a trip from Amposta down into the delta on a boat and kingfishers flew past literally every 10-15 minutes. It was unbelievable and a fantastic experience. We do get them on the beck quite close to us, but only manage to see them 2 or 3 times a year. I think it is a young female.

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