I have mentioned my daughter’s blog and etsy shop previously.  They moved from their suburban house south of Amsterdam to a small holding in the east of The Netherlands. Their plan was to raise animals, grown lots of their own food, and make things. Things are all going to plan, they have 5 lovely chickens providing their eggs and have an incubator for hatching.  This has provided them with a fabulous little herd (is that the right term?) of runner ducks. They are now about 10 days old and we cannot get enough of them.

Six different runner ducklings just one or two days old.
Six exquisite little ones – just a few days old.

Their names are all linked to Terry Pratchet books, except badger who is self explanatory (the eye stripe).

From an initial batch of 10 eggs, they successfully hatched 6 – which is a very good percentage. My goodness they are the essence of cute. We keep sending her messages asking for more photos and videos of the ducklings. They are all indian runner ducks and just delightful. 

I wrote this yesterday before we went for the daily walk.  Lo and behold on the beck was a Mummy Goosander with 9 ducklings who also shooed away a male mandarin duck.  We would normally have been quite pleased to see the mandarin pair but they were totally overshadowed by the duck babies!  

Cuteness overload!

Female Goosander with 9 ducklings
She gives a curious mandarin duck a quick reminder to move on please!


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