Pepper and Tomatoes

Painting of a yellow pepper with 4 ripe vine tomatoes.
Still life study using water colours.

I am contemplating changing the focus of this blog to one about art. I seem to have more to say and create around art than knitting since I can no longer actually knit – well for a while at least. I did this last week and the first part, the pepper and the drawing of the tomatoes was done with real veggies. I couldn’t use them after day 2 as they had been coralled for a chilli made by my husband. I can confirm that the chilli was delicious.

I’m enjoying finding new ways to use water colours, though do have a habit of using a very small brush as if it were a pencil, as that’s my familar way of working. My main source of information for art instruction is James Gurney and he says, use the largest brush you can. This fills me full of terror but I will be a big girl and try to do as advised.

So above are some of the ingredients for last week’s 5 bean chilli which was sin carne as we tend to not eat too much meat.


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