Repetive Strain?

I can’t think of a suitable photo for this post, so here is a lovely little wren on a gorse bush, who was singing her heart out this morning and is much more interesting than my aches and pains.

Wren on a gorse bush singing.
Wren singing – nothing to do with the text!

I created a rather nice matt using cotton yarn and tunisan crochet over the Christmas holidays. I was left at the end of it with some discomfort in my upper right arm and shoulder that was definitely around a nerve and gave me a real jab of pain if I stretched my arm back in any way at all. I dismissed it and as usual carried on as normal.

I continued to work on and finish the Counterchange DK shawl during January and the pain really wasn’t going away. I probably need to mention that I knit using the picking or continental method which is usually much more friendly to wrists but perhaps not so for the upper arm? Since finishing the shawl, I’ve had a month off and it really did improve drastically.

On Sunday, I had some ideas for a magazine submission and set to with the needles to do a nice deep bluey green swatch. I was quite pleased with the results and decided to finish it on Monday. This wasn’t going to happen as I woke in so much pain in the early hours of Monday morning. It seems that whatever is wrong with the nerves/muscles in my upper right arm is not in any way better. My RSI – repetetive strain injury is totally self diagnosed but I’m pretty certain that’s what it is.

So it’s no knitting for me for a month or so at least. This is quite frustrating as I have an agreement for a yarn company to provide the wool for new patterns and have lots of ideas. I’ll just have to write them down and pile them up for future reference.

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  1. Gosh — what a pain in the b—t! I do wish you the best of luck! Perhaps some physiotherapy might help (if you can have that now, due to covid), or even acupuncture. Hoping you improve soon — very best wishes!

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