A Mother’s Day Rosebud

water colour painting of a rosebud just starting to bloom.
Water colour rosebud

In the UK we have a different Mother’s day to the rest of the world. This is because traditionally girls who were in service (servants) were allowed to go home and visit their mothers on the fourth Sunday in Lent.  So it was our mothers day on the 14 March just gone. It was a lovely surprise to get a beautiful bunch of flowers from one of my daughters. They were delivered by post in a cardboard box – not the usual type of flower delivery. Inside there were very clear instructions to ‘revive your blooms’ and despite a few of them really looking very sad, they all perked up beautifully within a few hours. They were also a totally stunning set of roses, alstroemeria, carnations, antirrhinum and some greenery.  So I can certainly recommend Bloom and Wild for some blooming lovely flowers.

As part of my continuing plan to try and paint from life if possible, I set up one of the rosebuds in front of me and got going with the water colours.  It was quite tricky and the green was very very faint, but I am quite pleased that it’s not totally hideous.  I am going to attempt a few others from the bunch too – it would be nice to have a permanent memory of them.


  1. That’s also Laetare Sunday. It is a pause in the Lenten season where the altar can have flowers, the priests wear rose vestments and the mass has music. It’s a nice day for so many reasons!

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  2. …and it is surely a lovely rosebud that you have painted!! If you want to immortalise them, you could try spraying them with hairspray once they have faded and then hang them upside down so that they dry out. Good luck!

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