Squacco (It’s a heron)

Colour pencil drawing of a juvenile squacco heron.
Squacco Heron, from a photo by Ebro Delta Birding

This is a drawing I finished at the weekend. It’s a juvenile Squacco heron (Ardeola ralloides). These are lovely relatively small herons, that are plentiful down on the Ebro Delta in Spain. We saw lots of them the last time we were there. My goodness that seems like a long time ago. It was in fact September 2019.

We are hoping to revisit in the next year or so. We have been given a roadmap from the government. It’s not so much a map as a list of what we still can’t do and where we still can’t go, along with a vague indication of how long it will be till we can. At the moment, it is looking likely that we may be able to travel from late May onwards. However, since our government is hot on over promising and pretty rubbish at delivering, I think it may well be much later this year before we’ll be going to Europe again. 

In the meantime, please appreciate this relatively small heron, with a fabulous name. 


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