Counterchange Mark II

counterchange shawl worked in double knit and with i-cord edges.
Counterchange shawl in double knit

I finished this a week or so ago but it has taken me this long to get round to at least one photo. It’s blocked and finished as you can see but I need to get outside for some clearer images – and ones without me wearing an over sized shirt underneath! I’m please with it and I’ve nearly finished the pattern – hurrah.  I’m going to send it for tech editing this week but probably won’t retest it as it’s the same as the previous one but with changes to the numbers. I’ve done this version with an i-cord edge which I think is actually a bit neater and it is a very big shawl. So the pattern will have options for creating smaller versions. This version is worked using Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn in Compost (brown) and natural (cream). It’s gorgeous blue faced leicester wool with a bit of silk to add a touch of luxury – and it works.

It’s just lovely to wear and will be perfect for cool spring/summer evenings – probably in the garden. I can’t actually remember where we used to go – ‘before all this started’. So post lockdown I might be able to wear it somewhere else – I just can’t actually imagine where at the moment.  


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