Perfume and Earrings

jo Malone perfume - with Neroli and Basil.
Jo Malone – a favourite

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve had a busy week so far with the ‘day job’. It started out with an online discussion on Monday. Oh my goodness, I do so hate having the webcam on for these things. I think I must be extremely vain or something, but as soon as I see myself, I start faffing about with my hair or changing the angle of my head. I am so shallow! I also realised on a more practical note that I looked a tad, well, relaxed. I haven’t gone down the whole, elastic waisted trousers and no bra, route yet but I felt like I was at the top of that slippery slope. So from Monday onwards, I have implemented an earrings and perfume regime. I wouldn’t have left the house without either of them in the days when I was heading out to college at 7 am, so why should I not do the same now. 

I love wearing both of them so here I am with some Jo Malone Basil and Neroli cologne, and a pair of rather nice artisan earrings bought by my lovely chap a year or so ago.  

Right back to it. I only have to do this a few times a year, and it’s very interesting but it is very time consuming. 


  1. Good on you! I love perfume (but never seem to have enough of it) and I also have been making an effort to ‘look more presentable’ for myself when at home – I’ve been enjoying my array of earrings and even a little more make-up to make me look less washed out, especially when I’m giving online classes. It’s just the hair to go now, I haven’t had a chop since June!!!!


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