They did say it would Snow.

Snow covering a terraced garden
Snow – not such a commonplace occurence here.

I was going to do a post about drawing today but we have a big dump of snow happening.  It was forecast as there was a sudden stratospheric warming above the North pole at the start of January.  It’s called warming but it means that instead of 60 C degrees below freezing, it’s only 10.  This causes all sorts of disruption to the polar vortex with the winds changing direction. This then affects the jet stream and in this case northern Britain gets a blast of icy Siberian air instead of the mild westerlies from across the Atlantic. (I think I’ve got that sort of right). There is a much more comprehensive explanation by a climate researcher here. 

It is certainly very pretty and quite nice for a change, but we live on a hill and getting down our drive tomorrow morning might be an excitement too far. One way or another, we’ll cope though.


  1. I love weather and follow is daily. I was looking at the jet stream the other day, and we are in for some cold weather in the not-to-distant future. I love bundling in my winter woolens. Nothing thrills me more in the winter than a big snow storm. I snuggle in and cook and knit. I just wish I had help with the shoveling.

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  2. How pretty it all looks! In Madrid they are still trying to shovel away the over-half-a-metre of snow that fell last weekend. In Teruel temperatures dropped to a record low of -24 degrees! Here we have sunny days but nights are cold at -3 degrees. Keep warm — walking, shovelling, knitting and drawing!


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