Early Morning Sun

Meanwood Beck with early morning mist.
Early morning mist over the beck.

Even in these troublesome times with the increased lockdown restrictions here in the UK it is always good to get out in some early morning sunshine. I make no apologies for posting the image above twice.

Drawing of a redwing in coloured pencils
Redwing is the smallest of the thrushes

We’ve recently had a small group of Redwings on our route so I did a drawing of one to put on a card for my husband’s birthday last week. It really is quite nice to be able to create your own cards, though I would have liked more notice that the card shops were going to be closed! 

I have mentioned before that we are fortunate to be able to walk along a trail that goes almost from the centre of Leeds to the outskirts. It follows Meanwood Beck that has in the past had a number of industrial uses. There are the remains of lime kilns as well as mills and other buildings. There has been a water mill at one point along there since the 13th Century. So in light of our increased lockdown restrictions and the lovely early morning light yesterday, I thought I’d post some walk photos. 


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