As part of the relax, recharge and reflect this is part two, recharge. 

There are many suggestions for recharging your internal batteries, in what I think we will all agree has been a challenging year. In the short term a soak in the bath with essential oils or just lots of lovely bubbles has a lot going for it.  I think I would really struggle to have a house without a bath.  I don’t take them very often but my goodness they do the job when I do indulge. Other suggestions include stretching, exercise and getting more sleep. These will obviously have a beneficial effect on the physical wellbeing and to some extent on the mental health.  We try to walk every day and by that I mean a good walk for over an hour. We used to swim three times a week but that obviously hasn’t been possible since March. Until then we had done 16 swims with a total of just over 30 km. Last year I did 140 swims with a distance of 178 km, quite a difference. We have tried to increase our walking to compensate but I can tell my upper body strength has dwindled significantly. 

One of the best things for my personal wellbeing this year has been doing more drawing. I’ve done bits here and there over the years, but I try and do a little bit most days now. It is like meditation. I become completely immersed in the process and even when I don’t like the result, the effect on my mental health is nothing but beneficial. I think it is the concentration and focus involved. 

Map of the northern coast of Brittany in France.
A trip to Northern France now feels so remote.

Our other real recharge activity is travel, again something that hasn’t happened this year. We were planning to visit a wetland area in Southern Spain in April but that was cancelled very early in the pandemic. So we are planning some travel and adventures for 2021. We are a long way from making any decisions and indeed a long way from being able to travel anywhere at the moment. But reading about warmer climes and cultures that are different from our own fills me with inspiration, curiosity and optimism.  Here’s looking forward to a successful vaccine roll out and at least some opportunities for travel in 2021. 

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