The Lull

Selection of book covers including the longely planet guides to spain, portugal and France and 2 novels by Hilary Mantel.
Christmas Books for future plans

Here we are mid-festivities. Well everyone else is, but we don’t really get excited about New Year. This strange time between Christmas and New Year has a number of names, none of them official. Called The Lull, or Twixmas or even Chrimbo Limbo, it refers to those few days between the 25 December and the New Year’s Eve revelries. Does the word revelry ever get used at any other time of year?  Have you ever in your life asked someone if they wanted to come out reveling? No, me neither. All the presents have been given and received, new books have been half halfheartedly started, and other new things are still sitting around waiting to be allocated a place. 

We had a very quiet time over the holiday. We managed to get out for a very good walk on Christmas morning as we actually had a hard frost and clear skies. This isn’t usual in our part of the world, so we made the most of it.  It was followed by storm Bella overnight on Boxing Day which we mainly missed but it drenched the ground so the fine frosty weather was just a brief respite. We now have names for storms in the UK. It makes them sound more dreaded and threatening and it gives us something to blame. ‘The gate blew off in Storm Bella/Kevin/Ophelia’. 

We did our now traditional Root Pie for the celebration meal. We don’t eat much meat and no birds so it is easier and less burdensome on the animal kingdom to eat vegetarian. I can really recommend a pie made of roasted root vegetables with some peppers, onion, tomatoes and garlic as additional flavour. Gravey is made with vegan stock with the juices from the veg along with some extra zing from Worcestershire Sauce and Maggi. That’s probably my only cooking themed blog post for the year. 

I was very fortunate to receive some fabulous presents, including the final two Hilary Mantel novels about Thomas Cromwell. I know I’m a bit behind the time with this, but I felt ready to tackle two 500 page tomes. She is a marvel. I also have the Barack Obama memoir of his time in the White House, so am top and tailing the year with the Obamas having started with Becoming by Michelle. 

We also got a selection of Lonely Planet guides for Europe. This is all part of our winter planning. We enjoy researching and booking our own travels and with a great big splodge of optimism we are looking forward to some European travel for second half of 2021. It may be the very late second half but we are ever hopeful. 

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  1. The Root Pie sounds delicious! I tried my hand out at vegetarian Wellington and it was tasty too.
    I like this Chrimbo Limbo time because, as you might imagine, here in Andalusia the feeling of festivity is quite drawn out, extending til the 5th of January when the 3 Kings make their appearance and presents are given, so people are still rushing about shopping, laden with parcels and wrapping paper. There is still that exciting, magical feeling and expectation in the air. Plus the weather has generally been quite good and I could have gone out for longer walks if I hadn’t been so mince pieingly lazy…


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