How Many Steps?

I was delighted to see from my spreadsheet (yes I am that sad) that yesterday I hit the 4 million steps milestone for 2020.  This is having been without a fitibit for 22 days in August and September so I am really quite pleased with myself. I am on track for an average of over 11,000 steps a day for the year. I know there are lots of fitness and health gurus who insist that the 10K steps a day is an arbitrary number and has no significance for fitness or anything else, but as a goal for each day and a comparative measure I think it works very well.  Fitbits and other wearable technology give the user a pretty clear indication of their daily movement.

Table showing monthly step totals and average daily steps. total steps for the year are 4,202,233 - till the 21 December.
Table of monthly steps and the daily average.

It has been difficult this year with the whole lockdown. We are fortunate to have a good walk almost on our doorstep, despite living in the city. We have missed swimming as until the 15 March we swam at least 3 times a week, doing over 1km each time. I think I might struggle to do even a fraction of that now as my arms have lost all of that strength. The pool did open for a while but we decided that we’d stay away till the situation changed. 

So some good news for the end of an ‘interesting’ year. I do log my steps every day onto a spreadsheet. I have a weekly graph that indicates if I’ve topped the 10k steps a day for the week, and as I approached the 4m mark over the last couple of months, I’ve had a formula showing the predicted date that I’d get there. I know some people my find this baffling, but it pleases me.  


  1. Wow – congratulations! Just as well I don’t have a spread sheet or any electronic gadgets measuring what I haven’t done. Luckily though I also have some nice walks close by, plus my vegetable patch which is steadily becoming engulfed by winter weeds! I used to swim twice a week in a salt water swimming pool, but all that’s gone to pot now, so I do do about 15 minutes of stretching in the evenings in front of ‘Aquí la Tierra’ or the ‘Telediario’ – ha ha! 🙃🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️


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