Ballet Shoes

This is yet another completed drawing. I got the reference photo from a selection provided by Art Tutor. I found  their free 100 drawing ideas and sketching exercises helpful. They have a pretty extensive youtube channel. They are worth watching for anyone with an interest in creating their own drawings or paintings but not fully committed to paying for a full course. It was this video of drawing a lime wedge that got me interested in drawing again.  There is also a pretty good online drawing course delivered by the Rokeby Museum in Vermont. I’ve done some of their exercises too and it’s really worth reading the text of the lessons by artist Courtney Clinton.

three stages of production of a drawing of ballet shoes.
Ballet Shoes drawing in Faber Castell Polychromos

I was terrified when I started this exercise,but perservered and am glad that I did. There are mistakes but I am enjoying these early steps in my drawing progress.  I think I’ll move on to some painting in the future but am not too sure what medium to use. I did dabble with watercolours a few years ago and I really didn’t get on with them. I have used oils, but that was at school – a very long time ago. I will wait a while yet but might take the plunge in 2021.  Then again there are always pastels?  So much to play with! 

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  1. I love your drawing — the colours, the delicateness and the softness in the lines reflect the nature of ballet. Do keep drawing! (There are some nice watercolour pencils that are available that make the change to paints more gradual. They are also nice used with ordinary pencils too, as you can blur the lines, edges etc.). Happy drawing!

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