Rescued Shawl

Shawl made using undyed and deep blue wool
Shawl made with the wool rescued from the moth attack.

Well here it is.  After the moth attack I thought I would try and rescue at least some of the Counterchange Shawl. I finished it a while ago and have been wearing it for a few weeks to be honest. It’s perfect for this chilly dank dreary December weather.  It was much too dark to use a photo of me wearing it so I’ve returned to my trusty Liberty coat hanger to be the model.  It doesn’t really show it off to its best but it gives a pretty good idea.  

It’s warm, it’s very snug and it really wraps beautifully but still has no name. Transformation, metamorphosis, Franz? Kafka? – see what I did there? None of them sound right and wouldn’t make sense for someone buying this pattern, so perhaps I should just go for stripey lace crescent?

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