Oxford Festive Calendar

I hadn’t planned to write about this today, but an email dropped in reminding me about the Oxford Continuing Education Department Festive Calendar. They have done this since 2016 and I wrote about it last year with the Calendar of Curiosities 1 and Calendar of Curiosities 2.   I am sure I’ll find lots to talk about again this year. It follows a simple ‘advent calendar’ format with windows that open on consecutive days in December. However with this particular calendar, you get an information resource. These can be all sorts of things. Today’s window opens up to a series of short videos from the TED team on the theme, ‘Small Things, Big Idea’ that introduce you to ideas and tools that have had a huge impact on our existence. They cover, books, pasta, buttons and chopsticks among many others. 

Oxford Continuing Education festive calendar. Each window opens onto a resource.
This year’s calendar looks like it might have some interesting stuff.

Previous calendars are still available to view and once a window is opened it remains open.  I will be opening each day’s window with pleasure and anticipation. 


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