Long Hair for Oldies

The actor Jane Seymour has been in the news this week because she has long hair.  I’m not sure why this is news, but she has defended herself for continuing with her long locks even though she is 69.  What utter nonsense is this? We live in a time when it is illegal to discriminate against someone for reasons such as race, religion, gender, disability or age and yet it is deemed to be newsworthy that an older woman has long hair. I have long hair and I’m not that much younger than Jane Seymour. It was a definite choice to grow my hair a few years’ ago. I had finished working full time and decided that the tyranny of the hairdresser visit every 6-8 weeks was one I could do without. I haven’t had it coloured or cut by a professional since. I don’t think it looks too hideous and it does give me the change to experiment and play with different ways of tying it up –  or down.

There does seem to be an unwritten convention for older women to have shorter hair but there are some great exceptions. Jane Seymour obviously, Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall among others. There was a discussion on Woman’s Hour on the BBC the other morning that prompted me to write this and Jane Garvey quite rightly told one of the contributors that 54 is not old (harrumph).

Pia Gronning is an older model with long grey hair.
Pia Gronning

One perfect example of older elegance and style is the model Pia Gronning who frequently models for Catherine Robinson Cashmere. I’d like to be even a teeny little bit as stylish as she is, but don’t have the patience.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it – and my long hair. 


  1. Good for you — I’ll second that! I’m going to be 57 at the November and I’m really enjoying my longer locks. I haven’t been to the hairdresser since May and my hair’s at shoulder blade length. It’s great: I can tie it up, push it to one side or just simply leave it all down which will keep me warm in winter. It is also more slimming for my full face which has become even more fuller since the lockdown and no swimming pool! Sometimes I put argan or coconut oil on the ends so that they don’t split. I also find yeast tablets good for the health of the hair (and me in general!). Happy hair-growing!!!

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  2. I don’t understand the belief that ‘women of a certain age’ need to have short hair. I missed a hair appt in October 2017 and I never went back. As my hair grew, I had fun playing with it. I hadn’t had long hair since I was 5. Everyone that touched it was amazed at how soft and shiny and thick it was. Honestly, I was too. My husband is bald. He feels if you have it, grow it!!

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  3. My hair is a bit longer than I would like due to not visiting the hairdresser since March and it has been through a pallet of very dodgy colours. But I like it longer because I can pin it up if I want. I am in my late 50s and don’t intend having short hair any time soon 😉


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