New Phone Distraction

I picked up a new phone yesterday. It is lovely. Its a new iphone but not one costing gazzillions of £’s; it’s a new SE that is ‘relatively’ cheap.  It actually looks exactly the same as my old iphone 7 that was 4 1/2 years old and becoming just a bit, no lets be honest, very infirm. This may or may not be an example of built in obsolescence.

The fact remains that for the last few months making calls was a bit of a challenge. I never knew whether it would connect and when it did, the phone used to switch from mobile signal to wifi at random with a 3 or 4 seconds of silence each time, so I missed some crucial bits of conversations and either had to keep asking ‘say that again’ or just attempt to fill in any gaps with what I thought they should or were likely to have said. A potentially dangerous gambit. Why I endured this along with a battery life of usually less then 4 hours, I’m not sure. Familiarity and unwillingness to spend what is still a large amount of money for a new device was the main driver I think. The upgrade to iOS 14.2 a couple of weeks ago realy finished it off. It really didn’t like it, not one bit and pushed me to make the decision that it had to be retired. 

iphone home screen shot showing apps
New iphone screen

So the new one arrived yesterday and despite linking it to iCloud, I spent the best part of a day entering new passwords. Of course this was made much more time consuming as I couldn’t remember most of them. I keep a list in my Evernote* account but of course I hadn’t always maintained any updates. I had to change a number of them, so I’ve also had to add the changed password on the relevant apps on the iPad and on my laptop. I spent all of yesterday afternoon and this morning adding passwords and of course rearranging my home screen and choosing the right wallpaper. We are creatures of habit and I like to know where things are. So that’s why this is a quick post today with no relevant or useful information. 

*If you are not familiar with Evernote, I can bore you senseless on how wonderful it is. It’s my external hard drive for my brain, currently with 5,633 notes and rising daily.  


  1. Congratulations on your new phone! Luckily I get my son’s second-hand ones so that way he can do everything that needs to be done on it and teach me at the same time. I’m a bit technologically reluctant. Happy phoning, texting, Evernoting etc., etc., etc.!


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