Friday Quiz 6 November

It’s Friday again and some pretty easy questions today I think. As usual the answers are in the first comment below. Some very big clues in the image too.

Girls Aloud, David Walliams channel swim, cellulose molecule and a honey fungus.
Clues for questions 5, 7, 8, and 9
  1. What is the name of the dance that bees use to communicate with each other? 
  2. What name do the french use for what the British call The English Channel?  (clue: this is linked to question 7).
  3. What language is spoken in Brazil? 
  4. Ann Bronte had two sisters who were also authors, what were their names? 
  5. Girls Aloud album Chemistry was released in 2005.  What was the best single of the noughties that came from it ( slight personal bias here). 
  6. England won the soccer world cup in 1966.  Who scored a hat trick in the final? Bonus point for the name of the player from the winning team who died last week?
  7. David Walliams famously raised over half a million pounds for sport relief in 2006 by completely what long distance swim? 
  8. A plant cell has a very different coating to an animal cell – what is it?   
  9. The largest living organism on earth is in the Blue Mountains of Oregon in the United States.  What is it?
  10. A ‘moo point’ doesn’t matter because? No apologies for yet another Friends related question.


  1. 1. Waggle Dance – they tell the rest of the hive where the good nectar can be found by dancing.
    2. La Manche – meaning the sleeve because of the shape of it.
    3. Portuguese.
    4. Emily and Charlotte. Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Shirley, and Villette.
    5. Biology
    6. Geoff Hurst. Bonus point, (Norbert) Nobby Stiles a member of the winning team died on 30 October.
    7. English Channel in 10 and a half hours.
    8. Cellulose cell wall.
    9. A honey fungus
    10. It’s a cow’s opinion (It’s Moo) – Joey from Friends.

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