On this uncertain day for the world, I thought I’d write about stitching.  I mentioned a few months ago that I had started doing some embroidery and I am still doing some.  The first piece was eventually finished and I’m on the last few days for the second one. I don’t stitch every day and had a good couple of weeks off while I was working on the rescued wool shawl. It is very soothing and meditative and I get to play with colours in a way that I don’t with knitting. 

So this is the first piece.  I am going to block or mount it and possibly put on Etsy for sale.  

Close up of some hand stitched embroidery
First attempt at freestyle embroidery

This is my next piece that is actually closer to finishing than this suggests.  I’ll post some better photos once it’s done. 

close up of embroidery inspired by a sunset
Slightly over half way through

They may not be the most exciting of projects but I very much enjoy doing them.


    • Very good question Regina. I love stripes, as can probably be seen in my knitting patterns and I also really like the work of the artist Bridget Riley. I’m sort of half planning another Bridget type piece after I’ve finished with the ‘sunset’ one that is currently being finished.

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      • Afterthought – it was also a way of seeing how the different threads worked together. I did so some other stitches to start with – but really didn’t like them and chose to stick with the simple back stitch. I will be more adventurous eventually I’m sure.


      • I looked at some of Bridget Riley’s work online and the moment I did, I could see the connection and inspiration in many of your designs. I love that. It is one of the reasons why I don’t have an interest in designing; I am inspired by folks like you.

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    • Oh I can really recommend that you do. I haven’t sewn for years and it was seeing the work of @BonnieSennottart on instagram that really enthused me. I am so glad that I did as it’s something that is so easy to pick up and do a lot or a little. And you can really play with colours 🙂

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