Campaign for Wool 10th Anniversary

Shetland Wool celebration for the campaign for wool
Shetland – one of 19 different images in the timeline

This month sees the 10th anniversary of the Campaign for Wool. This is a global organisation that promotes the use of wool for a wide range of uses. It was launched in 2010 by the Prince of Wales and has members from countries all over the world.  Truly collaborative, the Campaign initiative involves sheep farmers and woolgrowers, textile manufacturers, carpet makers, brands, retailers, fashion & interior designers and artisans from around the world.

To commemorate the anniversary they have launched a series of art works by Christopher Corr. He has produced a range of individual pieces that are focused on different aspects of the campaign in different countries. It has a ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’ style with smaller images at the top and bottom of each piece and they can be viewed online with a great virtual tour

Virtual tour inside a loft space in Salts Mill Bradford.
Virtual Tour of all 19 pieces hosted in Salts Mill

The tour has been created in a vast space at Salts Mill near Bradford.  More on Salts Mill later this week.  


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