Friday Quiz – 9 October

Apologies for missing the quiz last week. Here we are with some easy and perhaps some not so. Answers are in the first comment below as usual.

Logos for Arsenal football club, Winged foot golf club and a packet of cheese and onion crisps.
Picture clues

Here are some picture clues for questions 6, 7 and 12.

  1. Song lyrics, who suggested the following? Hop on a bus, drop of a key, slip out the back, make a new plan?  
  2. In which country is archery the national sport. 
  3. In which mountain range is Bhutan?  
  4. If it is time for sodium and phosphorus – what time is it?  
  5. Atticus, Boo, Scout and Jem are all characters from what book?  
  6. Who won the FA cup final this summer?  
  7. What flavour of Walkers crisps are the most popular in the UK?  
  8. Saying the name of what dried fruit used to be used to encourage people to smile before a photo in the 1800s, before the phrase “cheese?”  Hint, Michael McIntyre was right.
  9. The US masters golf tournament is usually held in Augusta Georgia in June, but due to the virus it was postponed till September.  Where was it held  – the city will do but extra bonus point if you can get the course name too. 
  10. Which southern Italian city is usually credited as the birthplace of the pizza?  
  11. Which volcano overlooks Naples?  
  12. What is the name of someone who studies volcanoes?
  13. Who played Gunter in Friends?  
  14. Duo Gnarles Barkley had a huge hit in 2006 with Crazy, but what’s the name of the singer?  
  15. Which US state was Joe Exotic a.k.a. the Tiger King’s G.W. Zoo based? 

Question 12: For those not familiar with how to take lava samples from a volcano – the answer is ‘carefully’.


  1. Answers for today’s quiz questions.

    1. 50 ways to leave your lover with the names missed out, by Paul Simon.
    2. Bhutan.
    3. Himalayas.
    4. Nap time. (Na and P are the chemical symbols for sodium and Phosporus).
    5. To kill a mocking bird, by Harper Lee.
    6. Arsenal, also know as the gunners.
    7. Cheese and Onion – possibly the most socially risky snack ever.
    8. Prunes – yes Michael McIntyre was actually correct.
    9. Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York.
    10. Naples.
    11. Vesuvius.
    12. Volcanologist or vulcanologist – who take lava samples.
    13. James Michael Tyler.
    14. CeeLo Green.
    15. Oklahoma.


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