Erase and Rewind

I’ve had a very busy few days and failed to post the Friday quiz.  Normal service will be resumed this week. 

I’ve rescued as much of the Counterchange shawl as I can. I certainly have enough for possibly a crescent shape – with the remains. There are over 200 g left so plenty really.  

I frogged as much as I can.  Some sections were so badly eaten that it was pointless attempting to keep any of the wool from them. In fact I simply cut straight across the central section of the shawl it was so damaged.  Interestingly, the blue wool was obviously much tastier than the white. It is blue faced Leicester while the white is undyed non-superwash merino.  Obviously partisan moth larvae that prefer British bred wool.

White and blue 4 ply wool in skeins
Rescued wool.

You’ll see in the photo my own personal skein creations.  The size of these is the international standard the ‘Lisa Cubit’.  This is the length from my elbow to my thumb and first finger joint. If you’ve ever been sailing and been told to wind some rope – that’s how I do it. It works for me and when I need to rewind them into balls, they fit beautifully round two yoga blocks.  

I am astounded at the colour of the blue.  It sort of got lost in the counterchange so I will need to do something to make it shine a bit I think. I fell in love with it when I bought it from a dyer who is no longer trading.

So a mainly white crescent shaped shawl with some lace and a bit of a blue and white border or sections?  Metamorphosis?


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