Alarums and Excursions

It was our 10th wedding anniversary last Friday.  We had booked a self catering mobile home, over on the East Coast of Yorkshire so we could have a weekend birding and generally walking.  Well, the best laid plans.  

We arrived at Spurn at lunchtime Thursday and although it was windy we had a great afternoon.  There were crowds of Knot (types of birds) as well as the usual waders.  We decided not to walk down to Spurn Head – where it juts out across the Humber as it flows into the North Sea.  We intended to do that over the weekend.  We arrived at the accommodation mid-afternoon on Friday.  
Well it was an experience. It was like walking into a set for a 1970’s sitcom. Everything was flowery or red or had hearts on it or all of those at the same time. It was also a very old unit but we like to make the best of things. We had a quiet evening – till the storm arrived.  Thunder, lightning – rain oh my goodness the rain.  Anyone who has stayed in a caravan will know that it sounds so loud but it was brilliant and really gives you a feeling of being cosy and safe.  

Dolores Umbridge office - the exact pattern for the duvet cover.
Not an ideal image for a duvet cover

We went to bed in high spirits and laughing at the duvet cover. It was patterned with images of cat plates – exactly like the wall in Professor Umbridge’s office in the Harry Potter movies.

The good mood was not destined to last. At 12.38 am the smoke alarm went off. As you will know these things are meant to alarm you and it certainly did. My husband levitated and was running before he hit the ground, like a cartoon character. Even then, we weren’t too disheartened. We switched off the, very strange, heating system and went back to bed. It took a while to get to sleep but we managed it. Less than two hours later, the same thing.  ALARUM! This time we weren’t quite so amenable and a very grumpy hubby returned to bed after resetting it again. Two more times it went off. Yes – two more times! By 3.30 am we’d had enough. We were both up and wandering round the place looking for something that might have set it off. We did the only thing we could think of and removed the smoke alarm battery, not an ideal situation.  

So we woke on Friday, our anniversary, feeling exhausted, looked at each other and agreed ‘We’re not having another night like that’ and simply packed up and left. Our wedding anniversary was lovely, spent at home with some exquisite Spanish Cava and each other.  Happy Anniversary Stephen, we’ll walk down to Spurn Head next week.


  1. Happy Anniversary, you two!! What a calamity! I would have done the same thing as you and packed it in. I can picture the decor in my head and I am surprised the accommodations did not come with complimentary cats as well.

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