Moth Attack

enlarged image of the clothes moth.
Clothes moth – Tineola bisselliella

This is a very short post. We have moths – feasting on wool. Anyone familiar with this nightmare will know the dread and terror this entails. I’ve got most of my stuff in the freezer and have sent my lovely sea grass basket that held both completed items and my relatively small stash into the bin. I’ve also thrown out most of the little bits and bobs of wool that accumulate from the end of projects. I’d rather focus on the stuff that I really want to save. A couple of unused skeins are shredded to some extent, so out they have all gone. A few finished items have small holes so I’m hoping I’ll be able to rescue these – either by ‘fixing’ them or retrieving the wool itself.

I ‘think’ that the main infestation was in the basket as plastic bags close by seem to be free from damage. All the wool has gone into the freezer though and I’m dreading the little blighters getting into our wool carpet.

I’m wiping down with a vinegar solution and the vacuum will be out for days no doubt. I’ll be online shopping for plastic storage boxes with airtight lids along with ziplock bags.


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