Stitches – undo and redo

This is a real fan girl post.  I follow Bonnie Sennott on instagram as she is a knit designer and did a fabulous epic Next in Line log cabin blanket a couple of years ago.  I then discovered that she is an embroiderer too.  This is something I did quite a bit of as a child, mainly at the instigation of my mother. I still have a piece of binca worked by me with a note from my Mum saying, Lisa, aged 5.

Close up of embroidered linen with a variety of blue and red stitches
Unfinished stitching.

I am not particularly keen on embroidered work in general but just love what Bonnie does.  There is no overly elaborate stitching or specific imagery. She mainly uses simple stitches and shapes and does some really effective negative space pieces.  So having looked and admired and returned to her site again an again, I gave in.  I bought some linen, a hoop, some embroidery floss and needles.  I actually had to look up basic skills but having committed myself to doing a sort of sampler type thing, I started.  It really wasn’t pretty or very even, but I knew I’d get better.  I think I probably launched into it too enthusiastically but I am getting to be almost ok with my results so far.

I won’t post any images of the first sets of rows – they have long since been undone.  Like knitting, you can just undo and redo it.  So this the the result so far. I have plans for more, but thought I’d stick to straight lines as I get more proficient.

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