Ribble Cowl Date

Ribble Cowl worked in 2 strands of fingering merino.
Worked using 2 strands of 4 ply

I had almost forgotten about this but I think we are close enough to the start of September to start talking about another pattern launch.  Testing for the Ribble Cowl actually finished in July but it’s not really cowl weather is it – even in an English summer?

It’s a very quick and satisfying knit – done in fisherman’s rib, well half rib, only the knit stitches are worked below.  It creates a lovely soft and stretchy fabric that means the finished item can be worn as a cowl, or even stretched across your shoulders in very cold weather.

Ribble Cowl worked in dk merino showing short row shaping
Ribble Cowl in DK merino

I did two samples as I really enjoyed working on it. The first is in some self dyed merino double knit, – cabbage blue as it was dyed using red cabbage.  The second was done with some left overs from previous patterns and worked with 2 strands of 4 ply wool held together.  I really liked doing this and it gives a lot of potential for interesting colour combinations.  I love the really intense teal colour with both the undyed merino and the two darker blues.  There is a bit of safflower dyed aplaca mix in there too.

Anyway, next Thursday, 3 September will be publication day.  That day is a bit of publishing madness here in the UK, so I thought I would add to the nonsense by publishing another pattern.  The first Thursday in September is traditionally a bumper book publishing day here .  This year it has gone crazy, there are over 600 titles being released on the same day.  We will be buying two of them – English Pastoral, by James Rebanks, the herdy shepherd on instagram and twitter.  We can recommend The Shepherd’s Life, he writes beautifully and with passion for the lake district where he farms herdwick sheep.  I also want to continue my devotion to all things Elena Ferrante, with her new novel, The Lying Life of Adults.

So as well as new books, I’m adding a bit of knitting from me.  Thursday 3 September – Live on Ravelry, Love Crafts and now of course Payhip. 


  1. Looking forward to your pattern, it’s very nice! I’ll see if I can make heads or tails of it because I haven’t knitted since I was in primary school and that was a LONG time ago! But I can get the grandmothers in our local lace-making and crochet group here in Posadas to help me out — they’re all very helpful and each with her own version! Should be interesting…

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