Susan – a waistcoat, WiP

close up of knitted waistcoat showing textured wrap stitches, stockinette and twisted rib.
Susan Delacourt – a simple waistcoat

And so, back to knitting.  I haven’t stopped, I’ve just been doing stuff that I can’t share yet.  This is a personal project that I started a few weeks ago.  It’s one of the ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ ideas and is a simple waistcoat that is named after one of the students in the movie – who may only be mentioned at the start, I’m not sure. So this is Susan Delacourt – or just Susan – a suitably 50’s preppy type name I think.

Japanese squash - to compare the colour with the wool
Japanese Squash – Potimarron.

Anyway, it’s an easy to work piece done with some sport weight wool that I’ve had for a while.  I think I was having a serious 70’s throwback moment when I bought this. I love orange, it’s my favourite colour, but it’s not a colour you can wear a lot of . I think this will be fine with a plain shirt. The wool is Ulysse by De Rerum Natura in the colourway potimarron which I think is the name of a Japanese squash native to Hokkaido.  It’s merino but much ‘woollier’ than I am used to. I don’t think it’s a next to the skin wool, which is why a waistcoat is a good idea. It has been a cardigan in the past.  I used it for a Dexter cardigan by Isabel Kraemer but frogged the whole thing. This is my version of a stash I think. It just didn’t look right – possibly it was just too orange – no sleeves will definitely be an improvement.

I am nearly at the bottom of the armscye and am going to start the decrease for the v-neck before I do them, so am looking forward to not having over 250 stitches per row. I don’t think it will take long to finish – then I just need to complete and size the pattern.

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