Bulleting but Never BuJo

I have started and abandoned so many diaries or journals over time, that I had given up.  I like the idea of keeping a diary but the discipline has always been just a step too far, which doesn’t paint me in too good a light does it? For a while I decided that I didn’t need to write daily and simply wrote brief notes when I remembered to do so, but the gap between the notes got so great that I had to add all sorts of explanatory text.  Also I like the little details that you get in a diary – things like the cost of petrol or a phone call I had with one of my girls or my weight – good or bad. I suppose to some extent the Facebook, on this day, memories have provided some of that, but again for me it just increases my questions – so ‘where, when, why?’ I have a long standing friend who has written a full page of a diary every day for ever. I am so in awe at his diligence, commitment and even more jealous of what he now has. I’ve known him for over 20 years and he will have notes on the days his children were born, when they graduated and when they were particularly cheeky or unpleasant.  I wish I had those gems for my girls.

I discovered the idea of bullet journals a while ago.  Although I probably don’t do it according to the various books and websites, I have kept up with mine for over a year now.  I don’t use any pre-formated pages or books and just do it my own way. Sometimes I write things in advance – things I need to do, and then either tick them or add an arrow to move the the next day.  I also add a line here and there if I am at the desk and think it’s worth adding. I sometimes miss two or three days at a time but can still add comments afterwards if I want to.  This relaxed and relatively basic format seems to work for me. I do not and cannot use the word ‘BuJo’ any more than I can refer to my higher education experience as being at ‘Uni’.  This may be seen as simple snobbery but I don’t care. I think both words/terms are hideous so really don’t mind any names assigned to me as a result. 

Whatever it’s called I now have a full year of notes and it’s great.  I can finally look back and see that I actually finished the pattern for Counterchange a year ago and started working on Widening Gyre straight away.  I think I finished that well before the pattern for Counterchange was finished – it was a trial! 

screen shot from a hand written journal on squared paper.
My take on the Bullet Journal

A quick photo of an entry from my notebook showing an example of how I use a scalloped underlining. This was used by my music teacher circa 1970.  I write my journal in a moleskin notebook ruled with squared lines. I know using these is just a bit pretentious but I like it. I started using them so that I could upload the hand written pages to Evernote. I still do this now and again, and am a fairly devoted fan of Evernote – more later.


  1. I love a paper journal. I scribble away in mine for hours at times. I agree with you on bujo! I really don’t like cute little terms for things. Take ‘Bae’ for instance. Can we all just agree that shorter is not always better?


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