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I am a member of and contribute to a number of social networks as well as Ravelry, and I’ve said enough about them in the last few weeks. It might be quickly worth noting that they have reverted to the old look as the default and you can choose the new look by clicking on your profile photo and there is and option in the drop down menu.

Social networks all have their own flavour I think and some are more useful than others.  I am of course on Facebook, but that has lost all of it’s interest to be honest. I mainly stay on there to keep up with family and a few friends. I am on a few Facebook groups, one for my home town, Preston in Lancashire and another for my school. These provide some great bits of nostalgia looking at old photos and reminiscences.  I have a Facebook page for Lisa Featherstsone knitwear too, but don’t really use it in any significant way. I just post links to this blog and copy my insta-posts there. Victoria who owns Eden Cottage Yarns has a great facebook group imaginatively called the Eden Cottage Garden on her page that promotes her yarns and has lots of discussions.  Perhaps I’ll try doing something like that?  the problem is, I have enough trouble keeping up with the posts on the ravelry groups when I have a test knit going on, I’m not sure I could keep up with a lot of additional discussions. I will consider it though.

Cartoon from XKCD showing that using a group of real words is more effective as  a secure password.
XKCD – brilliant science based cartoons

I am also on Instagram – great for following a few celebs, interesting people such as James Wong, the botanist, and The Herdy Shepherd , who has a new book published at the beginning of September, as well as lots and lots of knitting people. I am sorely tempted to buy some of the Robeldal mohair yarn from their adorable angora goats.  It’s my main marketing tool for my own patterns, though I probably don’t post often enough or with sufficient excitement. 

I am also on Linked In and have been for many years.  I don’t do too much on this now but it’s useful to see what people that I used to work with are doing now! I still do some consultancy work and it’s helpful to have a presence on there.

Finally, I have been on Twitter for many many years, 13 in fact.  My twitter number is only around the 2 million mark. I know this is nonsense but it’s interesting to see how it has grown.  When I was teaching and working in education twitter was and probably still is one of the best sources of personal and professional development ever. The strength and depth of skills, experience and understanding out there are astonishing and being able to tap into the bits that work for you is ideal. I did that for many many years. The top of this post has a good example of getting useful information – a cartoon from @XKCD that shows how to create a really secure password, something I saw this morning on twitter, and prompted this post. Just in case you can’t read the content, using a selection of short real words is far more secure than picking one word and changing each o to a 0 or s to a 5 – or similar things. Example: redfoxjumping, is a better option than v1x3n5 (vixens).

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  1. I like the advice on passwords. As for social media, I have all the usual, but really tend to look at Instagram on a regular basis. Groups on Facebook and Ravelry are difficult for me to keep up with and I can’t imagine it is easy for the designers who run them to do the same.


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