Knit Design Opportunities

There are a couple of interesting submission opportunities that have caught my eye today.  One is for Making Stories magazine, for Issue 6 to be published in Autumn 2021.  These magazines have a long lead in, so you need to be prepared to wait a long time to see any of your creations in ‘print’.  Their main theme is Skyward and it has a full mood board included in the information.  Making Stories is a relatively newcomer to the knitting journals.  Now that Laine seems to have stopped quarterly publications there is only Pom Pom left of the independent journals, so Making Stories are a welcome addition. Their deadline is 23 August and they are looking for 2-3 pairs of socks, 2-3 neck accessories, 1-2 hats, and 3-4 sweaters (pullovers & cardigans.  They are also running a live session on YouTube tomorrow 21 July to talk through the call. 

There is also a call for submissions from Woolfolk yarn.  I love the patterns they produce.  I love the look of their wool – I’ve never had the chance to use it but would like to – just in case anyone has some to hand over.  In keeping with their, I think, unique design ethic and look, they haven’t produced a mood board, or a list of adjectives or attributes, but a list of iconic chairs. Yes you read that correctly –


How fabulous is that?  There are some real crackers in there, with one very notable omission.  Well I think it’s a notable omission – Hill House, Helensburgh and the Glasgow School of Art provide a big big clue. I had resolved not to spend any more time on submissions to wool companies or to magazines but I think I may just break that resolve – not bad after only 2 days.  Who could resist – “This year’s design inspiration is based on 20th Century Iconic Chairs. From the noteworthy Barcelona chair down to Breuer’s influential B32/Cesca chair, each chair is unique, as told through its brilliant design details, engineering, and practicality.”  More details –  Deadline date is Friday 24 August.

Pretzel Chair by George Nelson.
Pretzel Chair by George Nelson, one of the iconic chairs offered as inspiration to designers.

In addition to the calls for submissions, Frenchie at Ahora Knits is re-running her Initiate Knit Design campaign. For some strange reason she is now calling it ‘Yarn Alchemist Challenge’.  I never understand why anyone would want to be associated with something that was and is still bunkum and guaranteed to be unsuccessful. You can’t use it to describe any sort of transformation because it didn’t and doesn’t work, as all the medieval alchemists discovered. If you are not aware – alchemy was essentially the attempt to turn base metal (lead etc) into gold. Anyone with an understanding of basic school chemistry will know that it is not possible. Anyway, personal rant over. She does run a very very good programme for aspiring knit designers.  I did it in 2018 and found it really helpful and beneficial. I do recommend it. 

On from my post about cardigans last week, my ideas have broadened somewhat and now include waistcoats too.  So far the proposed ‘collection’, that’s a bit of a grand name, but I’ll go with it, includes two jackets and one possibly two waistcoats as well as three cardigans. I’m not sure that I’ll get all of these planned, let along made, but it has been a really enjoyable experience. I have started on one of them as I had just the right amount of wool left in the stash that I say I don’t have – but obviously do!

I wonder if I could get a yarn company interested in supplying all that wool?  Even being optimistic, it is likely to take over 18 months I’d say.  Do I really want that sort of pressure? 

I’ve just re-read that – more like 2 years! 

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