Ribble Cowl Test

Ribble Cowl modeled by the writer standing in the garden on a dull and dreary Saturday.
Ribble Cowl mark 2

I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks with the cardigan ideas, now up to 5, that I neglected the test knit that I was doing on the Ribble Cowl. The actual testers have all finished but I wanted to see how it knitted up in a variety of combined colours and types of wool. Needless to say I am really quite pleased. I’d like to say I carefully chose the colours, but these were what was left in a bag of 4 ply bits and bobs. I haven’t blocked it yet – as can be seen from the seam, but I will.

Ribble Cowl showing varied colours.
Ribble Cowl again

it’s a dull drizzly day here in Yorkshire – as you can see from the poor light in the garden.

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