Lobsters, Ants and Ice Cream

The Corona lockdown has meant that we have found a wealth of opportunities to share screens, have conversations and discussions using online systems. The word Zoom seems to have overtaken Skype as the generic word for an online conversation. My daughters and I have Friday lunch together online and this includes a quick quiz.  I’ll include one of them in a later post. 
Another delight that one of them has instigated is a daily ‘fun facts’ WhatsApp message.  Basically, one of use gives her a topic and she finds lots of odd and amazing facts about it.  We’ve had some real gems. I won’t post them in full here but this is a quick digest from the last month.

European lobster (Hommarus gammarus)
European lobster (Hommarus gammarus)

Quick note – we all have an animal obsession so there are a lot of animal facts!

A hyena researcher sued the makers of the Lion King movie – not sure if this is true but it was on instagram so must be!! And in fact lions are more likely to steal a kill from a pack of hyenas than the other way round. 

According to NASA ice cream is one of 3 foods astronauts miss the most (the other two are pizza and soda). Ice cream yes, but pizza – really?  My husband doesn’t believe that brain freeze exists – he is the fastest ice cream eater I have ever met. Brain freeze does exist and is created when the roof of your mouth gets too cold before your body can process it, to cure this dreaded evil hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth to warm it back up.  Ben & Jerrys employees get to take home 3 tubs every single day!!  What would you do with 3 tubs of ice cream a day – though you would probably have a lot of friends!

There are over 12,000 species of ant worldwide and over 10 quadrillion ants alive at any one time.  For those unaware – that included me, a quadrillion is a 1 with 15 zeros – or 1,000 trillions. In other words, there are a lot of ants alive.  They can carry up to 50 times their own body weight but can work as a group to carry even more.  And there is an ant species named after Harrison Ford – is it Ant Solo?  Apparently not but I think it should be. 

Lobsters keep growing forever. Scientists don’t actually know how long they really live though as the traps aren’t designed to catch the biggest lobsters. They eat each other if they’re hungry and taste with their legs and chew with their stomachs.  They used to be the go-to food in prisons as they were cheap and plentiful and considered tasteless. 

So that’s a quick round up of a selection of our fun facts from the last few weeks. We have lots more and I’ll share more snippets next week.  

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