Simple cardigan with set in sleeves from the movie Mona Lisa Smile.

So far I have only created simple knitted garments such as shawls, hats and cowls. Well, I say that but I did complete a 4 ply (fingering) sweater a couple of years ago. It was ok really but I didn’t make enough notes and it was almost certainly too ‘fussy’. I have a tendency to always over complicate things. I know that in general simple features are sufficient to create a unique design. The maxim, less is more, is one that I tell myself again and again. The sweater had a Fibonacci design that I will use again, but in a much simplified format. 

So on to garments.  I know the basics of garment construction – from a lifetime of knitting and some basic sewing techniques. I also have a need for some jackets or cardigans to throw on when needed.  I wanted to do a top down construction with raglan sleeves. Lots of notes and ideas later including the YouTube clip below, I have plans for two cardigans. One is large and comfy and almost certainly without any buttons – the sort that you can just pull round yourself when needed.  Of course the actuality is a long way off and I’ve just started swatching some ideas for the big and comfy one.

I do now have a clear image of what I want to do – and a clear-ish idea of how to do it.  I’m now at the point of seeing if my planned construction will actually work.  This time I will write the pattern first and then make detailed notes as I go along. I am dreading the thought of grading but my Tech Editor will hopefully be able to help for some of this. 

Serious Cardigans here

The second one is a very simple garment that is again worked top down, but with a set-in sleeve.  I will admit the clothes in the film Mona Lisa Smile did influence a lot of my ideas. See above for some serious cardigans. I again have the plans, but still need to write the pattern. I am hoping that in a couple of months at least one of these is approaching completion! 


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