Finishing the Finishing

Close up of knitting for Ribble Cowl test
Ribble Test

I seem to have accumulated a backlog of finished objects that haven’t been finished. The knitting is finished – I always keep on top of that, but the finishing off isn’t finished, or in some cases started! I know it won’t take long to sew in all those ends but it is so boring. I simply push the finished objects back into the project bag and decide to ‘do it later’.  I also have two shawls to block but we are currently cat sitting and although this isn’t a problem, I am using it as an excuse.  We do have doors after all, so could leave it blocking behind a closed one overnight.  A promise: They will be done by the end of the month – there it’s out in public.

I’m in a bit of a lull at the moment, waiting for more wool to arrive so I’ve done a test knit of Ribble Cowl to play with some colour.  I know I shouldn’t be so smug, but I am really pleased with the look of this – so far. I’m using a lot left over wool and it has two strands of 4 ply wool worked together. I am about to run out of blues so the finished thing might not look quite so good with more ecru and lemon added?  I did contemplate a deep red to accompany one of the blues that has a red sheen to it, but decided against it.  Well I told my husband and he looked at me in puzzlement and simple said.  ‘What?’  From experience I know this isn’t a good sign, so put that idea firmly back in the ‘ideas drawer’ and will leave it there, for now.  

Safe to say though, that Ribble Cowl will be published before the end of June so I do have that to look forward to. I just have the pattern writing backlog to address also.

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