The ‘Perfect’ bookshelf background

Crowded bookshelf with two books facing outwards
I don’t think Thatcher would approve.

I read an article on the Penguin publisher’s newsletter with disbelief about a month ago. I obviously thought it was worth a second look as I saved it in my Evernote account. I have gone back to it a number of times and still can’t quite believe that it isn’t a spoof. In it they describe the role of the astonishingly named Thatcher Wine. I cannot even begin to imagine the process by which he got his name.

He is a celebrity ‘book curator’. People (who?) pay him to create backdrops for online video calls. He does what?  Yes, people pay him money to arrange their bookshelves to give the ‘right’ impression to those who might see them during a video call.  Yes you read that correctly.  People pay him to arrange their bookshelves – with books and other bits and bobs.  I think I’ve repeated that information more than enough now.

Another pair of astonishing bits of information on this. One is that someone would not have the wit or wherewithal to do this themselves. Another is that they were so bothered about the impression they were giving, that it was worth actually spending money to get someone else to do it.  

The Word Shelfies 4 U imagined as a logo.
Any takers?

So there it is.  I am offering up a new service. Shelfies 4U. I will rearrange your bookshelves and even purchase a few more ‘impressive’ books to include if your existing collection isn’t really making the grade, using your well earned cash of course. So if you think that ’50 shades of Grey’ next to Les Miserables is a good idea then you need my services.  Wouldn’t Proust next to a baking book be a much better idea? 


  1. My bookshelf is arranged in a certain way so it is easier to find books I am looking for. First, I sort them by genre and then the authors are in alphabetical order. Love reading classics and fantasies


  2. Sign me up, Lisa!! My computer doesn’t have the right specs, but there are backgrounds you can upload for when you are on zoom calls. I really want to be sitting in “the chair” on the setting of The Office (US) with Stanley Hudson in the background.


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