completed knitted garments
All finished – but no pattern yet

I don’t have them – multiple Works in Progress, for my knitting. Having seen numerous posts about clearing out WiPs or deciding to complete them, I feel this is possibly a confessional statement.

I am very much a monogamous knitter. I realise that I am probably in a minority here.  I really don’t like starting another project till I have one almost ready to cast off.  I panic if I don’t have the necessary wool, though but it also means that I don’t have a ‘stash’ either.  I cannot envisage any situation where I would buy wool that I didn’t have a plan for. What if I needed more?

I usually plan quite a bit in advance and much as I am keen to get going with future projects, I make myself resist the temptation to start before I’m really ready.  My mother who was not capable of finishing anything that she had bought, I was at University before I saw the bottom of a shampoo bottle, was strict in her completion of any knitting project before starting another. It must have been part of my informal education by osmosis. I can’t ever remember any discussion about it. I didn’t even know that not finishing something and starting something else was a thing. I’m a keen ripper out, though, but I think that ‘s another thing, I’ve frogged a whole jumper in the past.

I am currently doing some wool reviewing and planning, and will most certainly get a large order sent off this week. I am increasingly buying undyed wool as I like dying it myself and am tending towards only wanting to work with undyed wool. I am sure this will pass, but I’m happy to go along with the idea at the moment. All the plans I have for the next few months involve undyed wool in a variety of thickness from aran to 4 ply – unless someone comes along and suggests a multicoloured commission.

My daughter has  a multitude of projects ongoing as do many other crafters. What I do have is a pile of finished objects that don’t have a pattern written for them yet.  But they will!


  1. I actually prefer to knit one project at a time, but lately, I am finding my brain space is limited and I need that project on the side to just keep my hands and mind busy.


  2. Very fancy intricate patrerns can’t wait to see the next setvof coliur images hilighting your expertise! ✈️


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