Knitting Season?

Ribble Cowl - publish now or wait till September?
Ribble Cowl

I have just sent out my end of month newsletter. In it I pondered if there was a ‘knitting season’. There isn’t for me but I imagine a lot of knitters will find it too hot to work on a large project when the weather is warm. I did the majority of the work for the Wyatt jumpers for my grandsons when in Queensland back in 2017 – though admittedly mostly sitting under the A/C unit.

So I thought I’d ask – I have the Ribble Cowl pattern that is almost ready for release. Should I hang on and wait till the end of August, and the start of this knitting season, or should I go ahead and publish now?


  1. There is no such thing as a knitting season as far as I’m concerned. I knit out on the deck and listen to the bird. I like knowing that I have a nice new knit ready to wear the moment the cool weather hits. Come August, our evenings are perfect for shawls and wraps.

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  2. There is a knitting season for me. I haven’t looked at patterns or worked on any projects since May. When the weather turns warm, I hone in on the gardening and putting up fruits in the freezer. Now, when September rolls around, it’s game on for knitting. I have a weird seasonal clock that tells me what I should be focusing on.


    • I think you are probably in the majority in this. I knit all year but know it can be uncomfortable in warmer climes during the summer. I just tend to do smaller items over the summer. I will wait till the middle to end of august I think before publishing. 🙂

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