Ribble Cowl and Short Rows

I’m still on a bit of a swatch-fest at the moment.  I’m playing with short rows again and my it’s fun and you get some great results – and some not so great!

Ribble Cowl

I finished this cowl a few months ago and you get the shaping from using short rows – ie, turning your work mid-row. I am trying to write the pattern so that it gives you the option to do wrap and turn or German Short Rows (link is to the Woolly Wormhead site). Essentially, these both do the same thing – you work a given number of stitches and then you have to anchor your working yarn to the next remaining stitch before turning your work and heading back the way you came.  There are two ways of anchoring your yarn – you can wrap it round the next unworked stitch (wrap & turn) or you can use German Short Row technique. In this you work the next stitch (not included in the stitch count) and return it to the right needle. You then yank (probably the best description) your yarn from the back (if it is a k stitch) and pull it tight towards you and down, till both legs of the stitch underneath appears over the top of the needle. If you remember learning to knit as a child, it’s something I certainly did by accident quite often!  So you have essentially reduced the loop you made over the needle to a short loop in and out of the lower stitch underneath your needle.  It sounds complicated but it’s really not and it does work well without the additional ‘wrap’ to work on the next row.  This is all well and good.  How do I include this in a pattern?

I eventually went to stitchmastery and checked their stitch library.  They have a sign and a description for short row left and short row right. The stitch description says ‘wrap’ in it but I can change that! I am hoping this is going to be passed by my Tech Editor.  Once I have the all clear, I’ll be adding this to yarnpond for testing.  Hopefully this won’t take quite a long as my last test.

Not a recommended face mask!

My current test is Counterchange and I’m delighted to say it is nearly finished testing and I am hoping to publish by the middle of May – whoop whoop.  What a fabulous team I had for this test – all brilliant and very efficient despite the difficult circumstances. It is not a quick knit and you need considerable stamina to get through but they are all almost there and there are some fabulous photos to share – once I get it published!  


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